Please Stop Showing Your Thumbs on Social Media

Back in December, Matt Yglesias made a joke on Twitter. He posted a photo of a Starbucks cup with the text "Starbucks lovers tell you I'm insane," a reference to a commonly misheard lyric in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." The tweet got five retweets and 24 favorites, and everyone moved on. Except me. I have been stuck… » 4/16/15 5:40pm Thursday 5:40pm

BuzzFeed Deletes Post Critical of Dove, a BuzzFeed Advertiser

Wednesday afternoon, BuzzFeed published a post by staff writer Arabelle Sicardi that openly criticized a bizarre advertising campaign by Dove. (A sample passage: “The soap manufacturer wants to tell us how we feel about ourselves. And then fix it for us. With soap.”) Thursday morning, however, BuzzFeed deleted the… » 4/09/15 4:55pm 4/09/15 4:55pm

Redeem Israel, O God, Out of All His Duggar Troubles

Jill Duggar, person from Arkansas, and her husband, Derick Dillard, welcomed a baby boi today: Israel David. Jill wore a headband that said "Jill," Derick wore an Israeli Defense Forces T-shirt and the baby wore a onesie that said "Israel." To fit in with his family perhaps Derick should change his name to "Israeli… » 4/07/15 3:45pm 4/07/15 3:45pm